John Mikton

Leading Systemic Change.... an educator leader’s toolkit


What are the inherent challenges in leading systemic change and what should a teacher leader know or be able to do to be effective in these endeavours? In this workshop we will explore some theories on change and innovation, supported by hands on activities and building a toolkit for participants to then use and/or share out at their respective schools.

Possible Outcomes

  • Have an understanding of the variables of a change process
  • Theory on innovation and the setting to maximise the potential of change agents and participants
  • What templates, tools, and strategies to integrate in facilitating change and running meetings for change
  • Self assessment, and identifying areas to move forward with by each participant
  • Sharing strategies and success from participants own experiences.

Intended Audience

Teacher leaders, coordinators, grade leaders, digital coaches, subject coordinators

About John

John is the  Director of eLearning at the Inter Community School Zurich, in Switzerland.

John has worked for 20 years in Education Technology, as Technology Integrationist, IT coordinator and IT Director and 11 years as a school Senior Leadership Team member in International Schools.

John is the author of the  blog @  and . John is a regular contributor to the The International Educator Online, Connected Principal, Titus Learning  and Tek Tip Forums


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