Leah Treesh

Integration through collaborative teaching


How can we make information literacy and technology integration more authentic? High quality collaboration among teachers has been shown to enhance instruction and improve student learning. Embedding 21st century skills into the curriculum must not be about the apps and gadgets, the impact comes from strategic instructional practices. As educators, we must be willing and eager to collaborate with each other to share best practices and pool our strengths. In this session, we will examine collaborative teaching models and explore ways to transform the learning experience for students.

Possible Outcomes

  • Understanding of how high quality collaboration leads to improved learning.
  • Explore co-teaching models and exemplars of enhanced lessons and units.
  • Be exposed to digital tools that facilitate co-teaching and apply your learning and ideas to transform your instruction and your students’ learning experiences.

Intended Audience



Leah Treesh returned to Munich International School (MIS) this school year, where she is the Senior School Learning Technologies Teacher, after maternity and parental leaves. In her role at MIS, she supports and coaches teachers in enhancing pedagogical practice through the use of technology, as well as supports students in managing their digital lives. 

Before her leave, Leah served on the ECIS ICT Committee for two years and has developed and led PD for teachers in international schools across Europe. She is also an adjunct instructor for the State University of New York (SUNY), with which she teaches Educational Technology courses to practicing international teachers. Before relocating to Munich in 2007, Leah taught high school English in Kentucky for several years, most recently in a 1:1 school in Louisville, KY, where she served as an eMentor to other faculty.

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