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Sonya terBorg

Change Makers


School. It is changing. Once you have your head around this idea, and are ready to embrace the change, how do you do that? How do you make sure people (students/teachers/parents) are included in this process. And how do you ensure that it is change for good and not just for the sake of change? Where do you start when developing collaborative relationships with those you teach with? And why does it all matter?

Possible Outcomes

  • create their own vision of how to “do school”
  • articulate their beliefs about teaching and co-teaching
  • define the roles of teacher and student
  • prepare a teaching philosophy that explains why they do what they do

Intended Audience

Elementary/Middle/High School teachers and administrators


A New Zealander, Apple Distinguished Educator, PYP Workshop Leader, and teacher with 20 years experience in classrooms, art rooms, and as a tech coach, Sonya is passionate about creativity, agency, and voice. Five years ago, after spending the day in New York City with Seth Godin, she wrote, Imagine A School and is still trying to live out this vision with the students and teachers she works with.  More recently, she collated a series of Invitations to Create which challenged her to really think about the things she believes in and be more open to the ideas of the student.



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