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Making Portfolios Work: The what, why and how of documenting students learning


Many of us use ePortfolios in our schools, but how effective are they at documenting student learning? In this hands-on session, participants will get the chance to explore ways to make portfolios effective as tools for assessment and learning. We will not only look at samples but also use learning outcomes from your own classes to rethink and create tasks that will document student learning for you, the teacher, and for the student. We will explore ways to increase student engagement. We will also look at ways to make this process valuable and not simply and add-on for the sake of parent conferences. Teachers will get the chance to work with other educators to explore these ideas, review samples and investigate practical tools. The final piece of the session will be looking at which systems/applications are available to house ePortfolios across your school.

Possible Outcomes

  • develop a better understanding of what makes an excellent learning portfolio and how technology can amplify our portfolios.
  • learn how to guide the students to create better portfolio pieces using digital tools.
  • reflect on their own practice and re-work a recent assignment to better document learning.
  • try out various apps that lend themselves to better quality documentation of learning. Make some learning samples together.
  • become familiar with a variety of prompts and routines to get better reflections that are genuine and really help the students to look at their learning.
  • explore ideas around ‘learning to learn’ to assist students in making their learning visible and setting goals to improve.
  • examine tools to create your own teacher portfolio to ‘practice what you preach’ and get a better insight into what we are asking our students to do.
  • review various digital tools for creating student portfolios and have a better understanding of what might work for your school.

Most importantly, share experiences, laugh and have fun!

Intended Audience



Kim is an Apple Distinguished Educator working internationally at the Bavarian International School in Munich, Germany. She is the Educational Technology Specialist for the Primary School and works with both primary and secondary school students in the PYP and MYP programmes. She is passionate about using technology as a tool for learning. Kim loves working with teachers to plan for learning using technology and helping students use the tools in new, exciting and meaningful ways. She is passionate about documenting learning using technology. Kim is working towards a Google Certified Trainer certification and is the chairperson of the ECIS Technology, Design and Innovation Committee. Talk to her about blogging, portfolios, iPads in education, tech integration and flexible scheduling models for effective integration.

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