mark Dilworth

Mark Dilworth (Precon)

Beyond 1-1: Pedagogy Driving Change


How can improving pedagogy become the driver for educational technology decisions?

What strategies and methods are schools using to promote faculty ownership on discussions of change?

Whether your school is planning to implement a 1-1 program or has been running one for years, the preparation and discussion that frames your program are crucial to its success. Beginning with the opportunity to share your current experiences, we will develop an understanding of how schools are moving the conversation beyond 1-1. We will review current research and case studies from international schools and engage in hands-on opportunities to explore methods that schools are using to help manage change. You should leave the session with a new ideas and strategies to move your 1-1 program forward.

Possible Outcomes

  • Understand how schools are using pedagogy to frame discussions on educational technology
  • Learn how schools are evolving their discussions about 1-1
  • Develop strategies that facilitators and leaders can use to discuss and lead change
  • Establish key takeaways that can work for you and your school

Intended Audience

Faculty, teachers, school leaders, Ed tech coaches/coordinators


Mark Dilworth is the Director of Educational Technology at Zurich International School, Switzerland. He has over fifteen years’ at international schools in the Middle East, Asia and Europe. Mark has lead the implementation of a 1-to-1 device program at Zurich International School. In his current role he creates and supports professional development for faculty to support teaching and learning and coordinates research & development of new ideas as they relate to curriculum design and effective use of technology.

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