Teamie is a cloud-based learning platform that creates a collaborative workspace for teachers & students to interact, share resources, create units, conduct formative and summative assessments, provide rich feedback using rubrics and enables students to create Stories to reflect, curate and showcase learning. To create a seamless experience, Teamie integrates with 3rd party systems such as Google Apps/Office365, Capita SIMS, PowerSchool, iSAMS, Turnitin and many others. With insights and analytics, Teamie supports teachers by providing a holistic view of the learners, and provides parents with the necessary insight into learners’ progress and activities.

Our customers look to harness the power of technology through the Teamie platform to implement various learning styles and pedagogical practices such as blended and flipped learning, inquiry based learning, project-based learning and standards-based grading.


Read our Collaborative Learning blog to learn how teachers are leveraging the Teamie platform to complement their teaching practice and integrate technology in the classroom.

To schedule a demo of the platform, please contact us or email Gordon at if you have any questions.
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