22. November 2022 18:00 (CEST)

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OCTOBER 1st and 2nd 2021

Friday 1.10.2021       15:00-19:30 

Saturday 2.10.2021  09:00-16:30

(CET, Luxembourg Time)


All sessions will be live and will not be recorded for future access  


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  • Fully virtual. Mix of synchronous and asynchronous 

  • Keeping the much-loved features of an L2 Conference: Motivational L2 Talks, Student and Teacher workshops, Job-alike Cohorts

  • Strands that bring like minds together to collaborate on relevant and future focused topics chosen by the L2 community

  • Strands give you time to dig into an aspect of your practice or a question that you have always wanted to do more with. Walk away with something you can set in motion right away.

  • Innovative opportunities for virtual collaboration through Think Tank, Salon, HotHouse and Injection sessions.

  • Community building and networking opportunities

  • A conference for teachers by teachers. 

  • Innovative, inspiring, and energizing format

  • Experienced facilitation from the L2 community 

L2 Talks

The L2 Talks is our way of igniting that flame so that the strands can fuel them further. Each L2 talk is short, passionate, and relevant. Check out what Learning2 Leaders have shared in years past by touring our playlist on Youtube available here.



A strand is a group of like minded participants who get together to inquire into an area of interest that they want to take action on in their own school. A strand topic is open-ended to invite a variety of perspectives, but isn’t too broad, looks towards the future of learning, and is relevant and timely.

L2 Salon (Job-alike)

The Job-Alike Salon Concept will be facilitated by a salon facilitator to establish those vital personal connections. The cohort facilitator will promote sharing and collaboration in the salon so that  members can discuss topics relevant to  their positions.

Pandemic Silver Linings Next Steps

Possible inquiry areas:

  • Now what?
  • What do we Amplify, Change, Ditch, Keep


Taking Project Based Learning Further

Possible inquiry areas:

  • Taking PBL from one classroom to larger projects across the school. 
  • Taking an interdisciplinary approach
  • Developing a program that can be implemented.


My Coaching Playlist

Possible inquiry areas:

  • Roles, and approaches to coaching and integration 
  • Skills, knowledge and mindsets to support coaching 
  • Co-teaching
  • Peer learning labs 
  • Building personal learning networks
  • The changing role of the tech coach


Student Agency. Inquiring into Students as Learners

Possible inquiry areas:

  • Increasing student voice and choice
  • Empowering students to take and meaningful and intentional action
  • Who am I as a learner?
  • Fostering ownership of learning
  • Using student learning data to drive learning 
  • Evaluating data 
  • Assessment as, of and for learning
  • Evidencing impact on learning through student feedback


Building Culturally Competent Schools

Possible inquiry areas:

  • Meeting the social and emotional needs of students
  • Programs that increase awareness, acceptance and understanding of identity and belonging.
  • Bringing about policy and procedural changes.
  • Listening to a diverse range of voices when making decisions.


L2 Hothouse

Space and time for strand participants to get support to deeply reflect, grow and develop their ideas.

L2 Injection

Strands meet with a Learning2 Alumni who provides an “injection” to take move forward.

L2 Think Tank

Strand based brainstorming session facilitated by Learning2 member to generate, sort and synthesise ideas.

L2 Pitch

Pitch your ideas and receive feedback.


Teachers/L2 Alumni listen and give perspective on a  pitch for an idea a participant wants to take back to their school.

L2 Salon (Job-alike)

Connect and share perspectives with those in a similar roles.

L2 Learning HUB


Interested in organising an L2 Hub at your school? Volunteer to make the conference extra special by bringing a team of 2, 5, or more teachers from your school. Learning Hubs at your school are easy to establish and fun to operate. Create a learning space,  arrange simple catering, and take advantage of social interaction with your colleagues.

Schools with L2 Learning Hub’s :

ASWarsaw, ISLuxembourg, ASMilan …

Started in 2007 by international school teachers in China, Learning2 is a global non-profit dedicated to creating and running professional learning opportunities run by international school teachers for international school teachers.

At Learning2, participants are expected to “be different,” “be social,” and “be a connector.”



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