Cohort Choices

We recognise that participants need common spaces to share their experiences & extend their learning. This year at Learning2, we will form cohorts of participants organised by curriculum/common interest groupings. On sign-up, we will ask participants to nominate a cohort they want to ‘hang out with’ at the conference.

The cohort concept will be facilitated by a cohort facilitator and supported by two face-to-face (f2f) opportunities at the conference to establish those vital personal connections. The cohort facilitator will promote sharing and collaboration in the cohort so that cohort members can place what they have learned within the context of their positions as well as to strengthen their connections across the region. If you are interested in getting involved and facilitating a cohort, please be sure to indicate this on your registration form.


Choose the cohort which most closely matches your current role.  There may be more than one match, in which case the decision may be difficult.  (For example, you may teach both Language Arts and Humanities, or you may be a STEM Coordinator, Technology Facilitator and teacher of robotics.)  A math coach may want to join a cohort of math teachers or a cohort of learning coaches. We may need to adjust the cohort you are assigned to based on the number of attendees.

Administrators / School Leaders
Principal, Associate Principal, Head of School, Director, Assistant Director, Business Manager, Director of Admissions, Assistant Head, Vice Principal, Dean of Upper School

Curriculum Leaders
Director of Teaching and Learning, Curriculum Director, Dean of Academics, Academic Head of School, DP Coordinator, Curriculum Coordinator, Deputy Principal for Curriculum, Director of Learning

Design Technology
Design Teacher, Design Facilitator, MYP Design, Head of Design Department, Digital Design, Design Project Coordinator, MakerSpace Coordinator

English as a Second Language Coordinator, English as an Additional Language Teacher, English Language Development Specialist, EAL Coordinator, ESL Specialist

Early Childhood
Pre-School Teacher, Nursery, Toddler, Kindergarten, Pre-Kindergarten, Early Childhood Coordinator, Teacher of students in ages 3-6, PYP Year 1

English/Language Arts
English Teacher, Literacy Coach, Head of English Department, Language Arts teacher, ELA Educator

Social Studies Teacher, Head of History Department, Individuals and Societies, Geography

Information Literacy/Library
Librarian, Cybrarian, Media Specialist, Library Coordinator, Media Coordinator, Library Assistant

Learning or Curriculum Coach
Innovation Coach, Instructional Coach, Teaching and Learning Facilitator

Lower ES
Teacher or grade level coordinator for students in grades 2 to 3, or ages 6-8, PYP years 1 to 3

Math teacher, Math coach, Head of Mathematics Department

PSE – Counselors
Learning Support, Student Support Services Coordinator, School Psychologist, Counselor, Head of Personal-Social-Emotional Learning, Dean of Students, Head of Advisory Program

Science Teacher, Head of Science Department, Science Coordinator, Science Assistant

Technology Coordination and Management
Network Manager, Technology Assistant, Technology Coordinator, IT Coordinator, ICT Manager, Computer Lab Supervisor

Tech Integration / Coach
Digital Literacy Coach, ICT Integrator, IT Facilitator, Instructional Technology Coach, Ed Tech Facilitator, Tech Integration Specialist

Technology Strategic Leader
Director of Innovation and Technology, Director of Information Technology, Learning Technologies Leader, Deputy Head of School for ICT and Operations

Tech Teacher – Coding – Robotics – STEM
STEM Coach, ICT Teacher, Teacher of Technology and Innovation, VEX Robotics Coach, Computer Science Teacher, Computational Science Teacher, AP Programming, DP Computer Science

Upper ES
Teacher or grade level coordinator for students in grades 3 to 5, or ages 8-12, PYP years 3-6

Visual & Performing Arts & PE
Teacher of Music, Art, Physical Education, PHE,

World Languages
Global Languages, World Languages, Head of Language Acquisition, Teacher or Assistant Instructor of Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, French, etc.


Depending on the size of the cohorts, we may need to combine or split some of them. To help us with another way of adjusting cohort groups, please choose two of the following topics that you are passionate about.

Social justice
Social-emotional learning
Advisory Program
Interdisciplinary Projects
Digital literacy curriculum
Social media with students
Game-based learning and badges
Empowering students – student agency
Standards-based grading, learning and reporting
Genius Hour / Choice Time / Passion projects
Seesaw and the future of blogging
Digital Citizenship
Media Literacy
Outdoor learning (adventure, survival skills, gardening and experiential)


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