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Will Kirkwood

Will Kirkwood

Fearless Dialogue: developing learning communities where teaching practice and student learning are the focus

Have you ever sat in a meeting where you wondered what is the point? Have you ever held a discussion in a classroom which went in circles?

Unfortunately this is a common experience for all of us. We see the value of meetings and discussion in order to develop communication and collaboration skills but how can ensure that all participants have equity of voice and can walk away feeling that they have moved the discussion or thinking forward?

In this session we will explore how protocols can be used to ensure that discussions are focused on teaching practice and student learning. Participants will walk away a set of tools that they can use in the classroom or with their colleagues to have more focused discussions

Kimberly House

Kimberly House

Reimagine Learning to Engage Your Students

Did any teacher ever wake up and say, ‘How can I bore my students today?” School is changing. Students are changing. The role of the teachers has completely changed. Designing learning experiences that match our beliefs about education with our practice can lead to engaged students and real learning. Our students need this!

We’ve all been to professional development or heard a keynote speaker with big ideas that rocked our world. How do those ideas become practical changes in our own teaching practice? How do we really take those ideas to make powerful changes for the students we teach? Illuminating learning starts with one lesson.

In this session teachers will walk away with a toolkit for reimagining their lessons. We will practice redesigning one lesson using a variety of tools and talk about how to give more agency to students.

Teachers will:

  • See examples of dynamic, active, engaged lessons and define their key elements.
  • Learn about and experience tools (with and without technology) to help reimagine their learning experiences.
  • Have time to work on a lesson they would like to ‘reimagine’ and collaborate with other educators to bounce ideas off one another.
  • Create accountability so we can share back our experiences as educators and benefit from the feedback of co-participants.
Mark Shillitoe

Mark Shillitoe

Open Web Engaging with Internet Health Issues through digital and analog media arts exploration

Building capacity to read, write and participate on the web are at the heart of web literacy, driven by a need to safeguard the health of the internet. We will explore these important contemporary issues, discussing ways of embedding these themes into the classroom and how to build a ‘maker’ mindset through hands on experiential meaning making.

Educators will have the opportunity to tinker with ideas, learn and build understanding collaboratively in an open environment.

Guided by the work of Seymour Papert & constructionism, through hands on exploration of both analogue & digital media arts, this workshop will uncover new literacies which are becoming increasingly relevant in our interconnected world.

Joel Bevans

Joel Bevans

Travelling Tales

“We need to prepare our students for their future, not our past.” Daniel Pink
Education is changing, the skills our students will need in their future to be successful are different from when I went to school. Technology is bringing us closer together. Making the world a smaller place. In today’s interconnected world, collaboration skills are more important than ever. Technology makes it possible to communicate across distances with people from diverse backgrounds and ideas.

One way of breaking down the walls in our learning spaces and at the same time amplifying our students thinking and learning is through collaborative global projects. Connecting, collaborating, critically thinking and creating with other classrooms around the world gives purpose and meaning to the thinking and learning that is taking place in the classroom. It is our duty, as educators, to help illuminate the way, for our students.

In this session participants will work together to explore, share, create and better understand connected learning, the connected classroom and global collaborative educational projects. Together we will create an action plan for connecting your classroom/learning space. We will take part in a Global Education Digital Story writing Project, in real time. We will contribute to (and take with us) a curated/growing list of ways to help amplify our students thinking and voices.

Sam Sherratt

Sam Sherratt

Breaking Traditional Moulds: Creating the conditions for pedagogical evolution

Educators have been aware, for some time, of the need for a new approach to teaching and learning… yet there is little guidance out there that shows a clear way forward. In order for new approaches to be possible, traditional educational “moulds” must first be broken. We will consider the four main moulds that prevent change in primary schools and explore alternatives that open up a wealth of new pedagogical possibilities.

  • Consider four traditional moulds of primary education – classes, job descriptions, subjects and timetables – and analyse their impact on current pedagogy.
  • Explore how these moulds can be played with, experimented with, pulled apart or even removed completely.
  • Make plans for realistic changes that can be made in our own schools.
Todd Reichlmayr

Todd Reichlmayr

Improving your feedback, without giving up your weekend.

As teachers we are constantly seeking feedback from students, parents, and colleagues to make our classes better. Whether it is something as simple as a conversation or a formal observation, these interactions help us determine necessary changes in our approach to teaching. Now consider the role that feedback plays in your classroom. Is the feedback specific enough for your students? Are the students becoming reflective learners as a result of the feedback? The answers to these questions can be complex, but educational research has supported the critical role feedback has for students in the learning process. However, as many teachers know, this can be a very time consuming. Through this workshop, participants will gain an understanding of how to better manage their workflow and increase the amount of quality feedback given to students.

During our time together we will examine a variety of strategies and digital tools using G-Suite applications to streamline the feedback process. Participants will learn how they can combine Google Forms, Google Sheets and few different ‘Add-ons’ to help provide their students with meaningful and timely feedback. Although we will be spending ample time exploring the various digital tools and strategies, teachers will be asked to reflect on their assessment practices as well as share in our discussion.

Sarah Woods

Sarah Woods

The Innovation Strand - Classrooms for tomorrow, today (This is a two day session)

We’re a unique generation. The last to remember life without computers and the first to be truly integrated with them. The students we teach have never experienced a world where technology didn’t rule and our parents never quite mastered the VCR. This puts us in a special position to use our learning experiences in the ultimate test: can we imagine what the future will be? Can we figure out how to bridge the gap and prepare our students for a future world as different from today as our own childhoods were from the present?

In the Innovation strand, we’ll focus on reimagining the little picture. Instead of trying to tackle entire schools, we’re going to start where it all begins: the classroom. We’ll use design thinking as a framework and create 3D digital models of spaces for effective and dynamic learning. We’ll look at emerging technologies, developments in room design and furniture. We’ll also look into our own experience – when has learning been truly effective for us? What wisdom can we bring to this picture? How can we take what’s available today and create a learning space for the unprecedented skillsets of tomorrow?

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