Get Real: Communicating Effectively in a Visual World

It’s staggering how many visuals we rely on in our daily lives. From weather symbols, to road signs, the apps on our phones to news websites, visuals help us get the information we need, but we rarely teach students how to create effective visuals so they can communicate effectively. It’s time we started teaching our students to communicate for their visual world, not only our text-heavy past.

Visual Communication has increased since the advent of mobile devices, to the point where it is now the norm. Graphic design tools used to be the privilege of a select few; now the tools are widely available to everyone, yet we lack the knowledge and skills to create high-quality content. There is a gap in our education around visual communication. Visuals help information retrieval and retention, and increase understanding of a topic, making them essential in an educational setting.


  • Apply the principles of Graphic Design
  • Practice some photographic techniques
  • Identify areas they can incorporate visual approaches with their students.
  • Explore areas of interest relating to visuals in the classroom

About Keri Lee

With over 18 years teaching experience globally, including New Zealand, England, Indonesia, Singapore and Switzerland, Keri-Lee loves supporting educators in using technology to enhance learning across the curriculum. Keri-Lee is an Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE), Professional Developer (APD), and Google Certified Educator with a strong instructional coaching background. A self-confessed Design Geek, Keri-Lee is passionate about unlocking the secrets of visual communication with anyone who will listen.

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