Tech Tools to Personalize Student Learning

Students arrive in our classrooms with a variety of backgrounds, interests and learning styles so how can we meet their needs and tap into their interests and passions? In this session, we will explore different ways that students can utilize their interests/passions to personalize their learning through a variety of technology resources. You will hear from students the importance of being provided with choice to guide learning. In addition, I will share ideas and resources that I have found effective, and you will have an opportunity to collaborate with each other to share ideas, discuss pitfalls, and test resources.

Society is moving toward a workforce of creative thinkers and entrepreneurs. Therefore, it is important for schools to provide learning environments where students can tap into their creativity and develop their own solutions. To do so, they need the external support of a wide variety of resources/tools in addition to open ended learning engagements. Not only does this prepares students for their future endeavors but also makes their learning meaningingful and enjoyable.


  • Discuss and identify why it is  important to provide student directed learning  opportunities.
  • Hands-on exploration of tools and resources that are available for students to take ownership of their learning such as coding tools, VR/AR and a variety of mix media creation tools.
  • Collaborate with each other to start to create a bank of possible open ended learning experiences that encourage students to take ownership of their learning.
  • Create a toolkit of resources and management ideas which could be implement at your school.

About Kim

Kim Lelek is an Educational Technology Coach working at the International School of Zug and Luzern in Switzerland.  She is a Google Certified Educator, Common Sense Media Ambassador and past member of Coetail Cohort 7. Kim is an experienced and passionate educator who has embraced a variety of roles across  the K-8 age range over the past 20 years. She is a globally minded teacher who has lived and worked in Canada, Singapore and Switzerland. Kim has spent the past 5 years, working as an Educational Technology Coach within the IB curriculum.

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