An Honest Look Towards a Better Philosophy of EdTech


Building on an understanding of the educational theories made famous over the last century, as a group, we will work through a philosophical approach in dissecting how technology affects learning and promotes effective teaching. Through hands-on, practical activities such as simulating the challenges of multitasking in the student learning environment, and testing our own cognitive capacities through the art of origami, we will unpack what is known about educational best practices and apply it to our use of technology in the classroom. This will culminate in a redefinition of the classroom itself and increased clarity about what works, what doesn’t, and why. From boosting engagement, to peeling back the implications of student learning in an online world, this workshop will be a participant driven critical analysis of the IT infused learning environment of today.

This topic is specifically relevant in two ways (broader context and conference specific:

  1. In a broader context, in the field of Educational Technology generally, I feel that not enough emphasis has been put on what we know from research compared to what we think based on observation. This workshop aims to shed light on what research tells us about Edtech so that we can focus our teaching and learning and to bring into focus the reasons why we observe what we do in students when they use technology.
  2. In a conference specific sense, the theme is “It’s Personal” which revolves around the broader pedagogy of differentiation. This workshop has participants breaking down technology into its constituent effects on learning (efficiency and differentiation). As such the conference theme links perfectly with one of the aims of this workshop which is to help teachers understand how technology boosts opportunities for differentiation and personalized learning.



  • Conduct an interactive review of educational theory through the lens of technology
  • Engage with processes for better, more balanced debate about EdTech
  • Introduce a framework for making decisions about how best to use EdTech in your classroom

About David

David is the Digital Learning Integration Coordinator at the International School Basel. Fascinated by education and technology, David is interested in finding new and innovative ways of enhancing learning effectively and generally pushing all the buttons he can find … if he can get away with it. After-hours, he is an avid blockchain enthusiast and politics wonk. David holds an Ed.D in Organizational Leadership with a focus in Instructional Technology and wrote his dissertation on the Social Identity of Third Culture Kids Online.

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