Emerging Digital Literacies and Young Children (EY/ES)

Hands-on Digital Making

Students are preparing themselves with 21st century skills, why should we not be also? Participants will get a chance to try various experiences such as digital making, coding, physical programming, and robotics. This session offers the participants that opportunity of gaining exposure to a wide range of tools distributed in worked exemplars  in a sandbox environment designed to allow participants to tinker, experiment, and create.

The range and speed of available technology to integrate in the classroom is daunting. The learning curve and time that can be dedicated to learning a new technology is often a factor for integration without purposeful meaning and a lack of depth within the student learning. Sometimes, just getting started and seeing a worked example of its integration in a context designed to increase engagement whilst strengthening the depth of the learning experience is often what we lack access to. We are often  exposed to a mammoth amount of technology that goes beyond the available time and dedication it requires to learn how the technology works let alone implement with a rich purpose. This topic is relevant as it will allow participants to gain a greater understanding of how specific technology can be integrated so they can start reflect upon their own context and determine how the technology in the session can be applied to their own practice.

  • Participants will have engaged in the hand-ons process of digitally creating using the follow technology in project-based problem-solving authentic contexts:
  • Arduino/Raspberry Pi/micro:bit/Birdbrain Hummingbird/Dash & Dot/LEGO EV3/UBTech Jimu Robot/NAO/Parrot Drone and various AR/VR devices and applications.
  • Participants  will have chosen specific tools within authentic and purposeful project contexts so they can reflect upon how their integration impacts potential student engagement.
  • Participants will have strengthened their confidence in defining when and how  to integrate their knowledge of the various technology tools and skills within their teaching toolkit.
  • Participants will have developed and shared their appreciate of the nature of the application of their digital making skills through CPD (Continuing Professional Development) by tapping into social media to build a learning base which is personalised to their interest, personal growth plans and goals. Participants will use Twitter within a session long slow chat to discuss and share their appreciation and application of the various tools within the sessions.


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