L2 Strands

A strand is a group of like minded participants who get together to inquire into an area of interest that they want to take action on in their own school. A strand topic is open-ended to invite a variety of perspectives, but isn’t too broad, looks towards the future of learning, and is relevant and timely.


Student Agency. Inquiring into Students as Learners

Student Agency. Inquiring into Students as Learners


International School of Prague, International School of Luxembourg & American International School of Mozambique

Possible inquiry areas:

  • Increasing student voice and choice.
  • Empowering students to take and meaningful and intentional action
  • Who am I as a learner?
  • Fostering ownership of learning
  • Using student learning data to drive learning 

  • Evaluating data 

  • Assessment as, of and for learning

  • Evidencing impact on learning through student feedback

Elizabeth Perry :
Elizabeth Perry is a teacher, writer, and artist with a particular interest in making, tinkering, and play. 
At the International School of Prague, and at the American School in London, she’s helped faculty integrate technology across the curriculum and has taught computer science and art. Before moving to London and then Prague, she worked at The Ellis School in Pittsburgh, PA, and for the Online School for Girls. She’s also consulted for Google in K-12 education and outreach, been a fellow at the Studio for Creative Inquiry at Carnegie-Mellon University, been recognized as a Google Trailblazer, and recently served as a teacher ambassador for Technology will Save Us.   Her TEDx talk,”Do Something Badly,” has been viewed over a thousand times.

Kate Verlaque :

Kate Verlaque (she/her) is an EAL teacher and Grade Advisory Leader at the International School of Luxembourg. At the heart of all that she does is the belief that everyone has the right to feel safe, and that they belong, which probably explains her career path from the police into teaching! It also drives her to try and understand how she can be a better ally to others.

Whilst at ISL, Kate has helped to create the grade-level Student Advisory Leadership Teams, which work alongside the Student Council, and increase opportunities for student agency. Most recently, Kate has collaborated with colleagues to create a new High School advisory programme. She is also a member of the ISL TEDxYouth Group, (tedxyouth@isluxembourg), and embraces the lessons she learns, whilst helping students explore their passions, share their inspirational messages, and call others to action. 


Ian Hoke :

Ian is a passionate educator both in and out of the classroom, dedicated to creating authentic learning opportunities for students and adults.

Inquiring into students as learners is the essence of assessment and should be an ongoing practice for all educators. Ian’s background in facilitating and training others in the use of protocols for examining student work has taught him that some of the simplest techniques offer powerful lenses into our learners and our classroom practices. Inquiring into students as learners also asks us, the adults, to inquire into
ourselves as learners and people, and this journey of personal and professional growth is both challenging and deeply fulfilling. Ian can’t wait to dive into this most essential area of shared inquiry together at L2.

Pandemic Silver Linings Next Steps

Pandemic Silver Linings Next Steps

Tico Oms

International School Basel

Possible inquiry areas:

  • Now what? What do we Amplify, Change, Ditch, Keep.

Tico Oms :

Tico Oms is the Middle School Principal at the International School of Basel (ISB). 

Prior to joining ISB, Tico was the Deputy Principal after having served as Middle School Dean of Students at the International School Bangkok(ISB), and was responsible for maintaining ISB’s positive, caring, and supportive student culture and learning environment.  From 2006-2015 Tico served in a variety of roles, including Middle School Deputy Principal, Associate Director for Extended Learning and Department Chair at the Singapore American School. As the Associate Director of Extended Learning, Tico launched the High School research and development initiative, organizing and attending visits with dozens of exemplary and innovative schools around the world. As Deputy Principal, Tico also led the Middle School through its research and development process, again leading visits dozens of innovative middle schools throughout the world and using those lessons to guide and implement improvements throughout the school.

He has taught in Berlin, Germany; Massachusetts, USA; and Osaka, Japan. Tico speaks Spanish, Japanese, and Thai.

My Coaching Playlist

My Coaching Playlist


Bavarian International School in Munich

Possible inquiry areas:

  • Roles, and approaches to coaching and integration 
  • Skills, knowledge, and mindsets to support coaching 
  • Co-teaching
  • Peer learning labs 
  • Building personal learning networks
  • The changing role of the tech coach

Kim House :
Kim is passionate about working with teachers to plan engaging learning experiences and coaching them in ways to make meaningful use of technology. She is also a mom of two boys who keep her busy and provide a new lens on education and how important our jobs are as teachers today.

Kim is an EdTech Specialist at the Bavarian International School in Munich, Germany. She is an Apple Distinguished Educator, Google Certified Educator and Trainer and chairperson for the ECIS Technology Innovation and Design Committee.

Taking Project Based Learning Further

Taking Project Based Learning Further


International School Basel

Possible inquiry areas:

  • Taking PBL from one classroom to larger projects across the school. 
  • Taking an interdisciplinary approach
  • Developing a program that can be implemented.

David Collett :
David Collett is the Head of Digital Learning at the International School Basel. Fascinated by education and technology, David is interested in finding new and innovative ways of enhancing learning effectively and generally pushing all the buttons he can find … if he can get away with it.

Holding an Ed.D in Organizational Leadership with a focus in Instructional Technology and Distance Education, David wrote his dissertation on the Social Identity of Third Culture Kids Online.

David’s interest and workshop experience is varied from the practical: EARCOS, NESA and Learning2; to the research: Horizon Report, International Research and Learning Analytics Collaboratives. It is this balance between practice and theory that is at the heart of David’s teaching and learning philosophy.

Scott Hall  :
Scott Hall has over 20 years of teaching experience at all levels of education. He currently works in Basel, Switzerland as a Digital Learning Coach. Scott has long been an early adopter of technology in the classroom. As an elementary teacher, he developed a view of inquiry and technology integration that continues to drive his work today. As a Technology Integration Coach, Scott has aimed to work with teachers in such a way where learning with technology is seen as simply learning. Scott has spoken at conferences around the world on various aspects of technology integration and innovative teaching practices.

Building Culturally Competent Schools

Building Culturally Competent Schools


Shifting Schools & American International School Vienna

Possible inquiry areas:

  • Meeting the social and emotional needs of students
  • Programs that increase awareness, acceptance and understanding of identity and belonging.
  • Bringing about policy and procedural changes.
  • Listening to a diverse range of voices when making decisions.

Tricia Friedman :
Tricia Friedman (she/her) is an experienced educator who has worked in China, Thailand, Morocco, Ukraine, Indonesia, Switzerland and Singapore. She is the creator of Allyed.org and it’s affiliated podcast. She is currently the Creative Content Director with Shifting Schools.

Tricia lives in British Columbia with her wife.

Sherri Spelic :
Sherri Spelic teaches elementary physical education at American International School Vienna. She has written extensively on topics related to education, identity and power and among other things publishes a monthly social justice newsletter for educators: Bending The Arc. Check out her book of essays, Care At The Core or find her on Twitter @edifiedlistener.

  • Fully virtual. Mix of synchronous and asynchronous 

  • Keeping the much-loved features of an L2 Conference: Motivational L2 Talks, Student and Teacher workshops, Job-alike Cohorts

  • Strands that bring like minds together to collaborate on relevant and future focused topics chosen by the L2 community

  • Strands give you time to dig into an aspect of your practice or a question that you have always wanted to do more with. Walk away with something you can set in motion right away.

  • Innovative opportunities for virtual collaboration through Think Tank, Salon, HotHouse and Injection sessions.

  • Community building and networking opportunities

  • A conference for teachers by teachers. 

  • Innovative, inspiring, and energizing format

  • Experienced facilitation from the L2 community 

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