L2 Strands

A strand is a group of like minded participants who get together to inquire into an area of interest that they want to take action on in their own school. A strand topic is open-ended to invite a variety of perspectives, but isn’t too broad, looks towards the future of learning, and is relevant and timely.


Pandemic Silver Linings Next Steps

Possible inquiry areas:

  • Now what?
  • What do we Amplify, Change, Ditch, Keep
Leading Teams (Student & Teacher)

Possible inquiry areas:

  • Effective teaming in a virtual and non virtual settings
  • Collaboration 
  • Cognitive conflict
  • Having difficult conversations
Taking Project Based Learning Further

Possible inquiry areas:

  • Taking PBL from one classroom to larger projects across the school. 
  • Taking an interdisciplinary approach
  • Developing a program that can be implemented.
My Coaching Playlist

Possible inquiry areas:

  • Roles, and approaches to coaching and integration 
  • Skills, knowledge and mindsets to support coaching 
  • Co-teaching
  • Peer learning labs 
  • Building personal learning networks
  • The changing role of the tech coach
Inquiring into Students as Learners

Possible inquiry areas:

  • Using student learning data to drive learning 
  • Evaluating data 
  • Assessment as, of and for learning
  • Evidencing impact on learning through student feedback
Building Culturally Competent Schools

Possible inquiry areas:

  • Meeting the social and emotional needs of students
  • Programs that increase awareness, acceptance and understanding of identity and belonging.
  • Bringing about policy and procedural changes.
  • Listening to a diverse range of voices when making decisions.
Student Agency

Possible inquiry areas:

  • Increasing student voice and choice
  • Empowering students to take and meaningful and intentional action
  • Who am I as a learner?
  • Fostering ownership of learning
  • Fully virtual. Mix of synchronous and asynchronous 

  • Keeping the much-loved features of an L2 Conference: Motivational L2 Talks, Student and Teacher workshops, Job-alike Cohorts

  • Strands that bring like minds together to collaborate on relevant and future focused topics chosen by the L2 community

  • Strands give you time to dig into an aspect of your practice or a question that you have always wanted to do more with. Walk away with something you can set in motion right away.

  • Innovative opportunities for virtual collaboration through Think Tank, Salon, HotHouse and Injection sessions.

  • Community building and networking opportunities

  • A conference for teachers by teachers. 

  • Innovative, inspiring, and energizing format

  • Experienced facilitation from the L2 community 

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