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Saturday 2nd October 09:25

Problem-Solving Around Race Equality


Barriers to Student Agency



Saturday 2nd October 10:00

Inside/Outside: boost your project ideation through emotional, sensorial and conceptual exploration.

Inside/Outside: boost your project ideation through emotional, sensorial and conceptual exploration.


International School Delft

Strand :
Taking Project Based Learning Further

Outline :
Inside/Outside: Using performance scores to get outdoors to boost your project ideation.

Mapping these ‘walks’, ‘derives’ to build emotional/sensual/conceptual connections to projects and open research to multiple direction. Build student agency and autonomy. This is an outcome from a co-research project and publication which sought to visualise and document digital materialities. Entitled; Alone-Together, the project investigated shelves as intergenerational maps of sense-laden, relational, multimodal pedagogies. This intergenerational study with undergraduate students and elementary school students experimented with new modes of thinking, making and doing as contemporary pedagogy grapples within the uncertainty surrounding the current pandemic.

Mark Shillitoe :

Mark  is an experienced inquiry learning practitioner, researcher and maker currently residing at International School Delft, the Netherlands.

His work challenges contemporary pedagogical learning environments to be places of possibility, inquiry and experimentation. He invites learners to question, be critical and construct understanding through mixed media, material inquiry. He has practiced throughout Europe, combining his craft as an educator with a recent practice based research Master at the Piet Zwart Institute, Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. His research explores how critical making and multimodal inquiry reveals thinking and creates unfolding opportunities to explore the relationship between technology and everyday life. More recently he considers tactical pedagogies and the role of the educator as critical maker of curriculum and how such approaches foster young learners’ making and thinking.

He leads workshops & professional learning within diverse international schools and learning communities. He was Learning2 Leader 2018 and maker educator in residence with the MakEY project, an International research project, exploring ‘maker’ culture in the development of children’s digital literacy and creative design skills. Here he designed and led experiential practice based workshops for researchers and educators from both formal and non-formal settings.

His practice is reflected through environmental exploration, experimental practices, inquiry learning, critical making and DIY subcultures.

Close-looking: how to use tracing and annotation to learn more about objects

Close-looking: how to use tracing and annotation to learn more about objects


Tashkent International School

Outline :

Has the thought that you can’t draw held you back from drawing? Do you think of tracing as stealing? Let’s turn these ideas upside down and discover how much you can learn about something by tracing it and then we will add a layer of annotation so that we can share what we learn with others. A quick, easy, and engaging lesson for any age student or teacher.
We’ll use an app that works on all devices (including Chromebooks), it’s easier if you have a stylus, but fingers work, too. (I think Sketchbook, but things change quickly so we might use another tool.)

Sarah Woods :

Sarah is an Innovation Coach currently working at Tashkent International School in Uzbekistan. In earlier versions, she taught MYP Design Amsterdam and was a Tech Director in Kyiv. She is both a Google Certified Innovator and Trainer and holds a Masters of Science in Education in K-12 Technology Integration. She is passionate about making a connection between tactile and digital learning experiences. Twitter:  @placeomanytrees

Amplifying student agency: how digital storytelling can equip learners to create meaningful impact through service learning

Amplifying student agency: how digital storytelling can equip learners to create meaningful impact through service learning

Shei Ascencio & LeeAnne Lavender

Strand :
Student Agency

Outline :

In the past 18 months, we have had the opportunity to explore new and innovative approaches for teaching and learning in virtual spaces. For service learning and global citizenship educators, taking service learning online and creating meaningful experiences for students has been challenging but fruitful, offering new perspectives and possibilities for youth to engage with indirect service, advocacy and research in impactful ways. In this workshop, we will focus on practical and concrete strategies for successful service learning and digital storytelling in a virtual or hybrid environment. You will come away with a toolkit to increase student agency in creating meaningful and intentional service learning experiences.

Shei Ascencio :

Shei describes herself as an international educator, learner, consultant, workshop leader, online facilitator, and at heart mum, partner, friend, traveler and foodie. Shei comes from Mexico with almost two decades of experience living and working in Africa, Asia and North America. Shei recently relocated to Canada after several years of living in Luanda, Angola and teaching at the Luanda International School (LIS).  As part of CBK Associates, Shei facilitates and guides the development of service learning in international schools in India, Lesotho, China, and Angola among others. She is a fully trained educator in the Primary Years (PYP), Middle Years (MYP) and the Diploma Programme (DP) and an active member in the  International Baccalaureate Educator Network (IBEN). As a result of student-initiated action at the Luanda International School where she recently taught, Shei is an advocate for women’s and girls’ access to menstrual education and care products. Her students’ work with girls and women in a refugee setting in north Angola was featured by Ruby Cup (“a savvy period company fighting for equality”) and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Angola. 

LeeAnne Lavender:

LeeAnne is an experienced international educator who is passionate about storytelling, service learning and global citizenship. Since 2010, LeeAnne has implemented service learning cycles in numerous units of her own, and has coached dozens of colleagues in creating dynamic and meaningful service learning experiences for students. In 2018, she teamed up with a colleague in Shanghai to found the Shanghai Service and Sustainability Network, and has served as a co-ordinator of that network for three years. She is the virtual service learning coach and coordinator for Concordia International School Shanghai, and is also working independently with educators and school teams worldwide. She is also serving as the Service Learning Advisor for AISA (Association of International Schools in Africa) schools and is a facilitator with CBK Associates. LeeAnne is a published poet and writer, and she is passionate about many global issues/SDGs including sustainable cities and communities, access to water and sanitation, and gender equality. You can read more about her work at www.leeannelavender.com. 

LGBTQ+ culture: interrogating the dominant narrative about what it means to be lgbtq+

LGBTQ+ culture: interrogating the dominant narrative about what it means to be lgbtq+


Shifting Schools

Strand :

Building Culturally Competent Schools

Outline :

This session explores the literacies involved in rethinking bias about LGBTQ+ people and perspectives as well as work on capacities to have richer conversations about ways an LGBTQ+ lens can enrich a school.

Tricia Friedman :

Tricia Friedman (she/her) is an experienced educator who has worked in China, Thailand, Morocco, Ukraine, Indonesia, Switzerland and Singapore. She is the creator of Allyed.org and it’s affiliated podcast. She is currently the Creative Content Director with Shifting Schools.

Tricia lives in British Columbia with her wife.

Students as content creators

Students as content creators

Mike Nonato and Geoff Derry

The American School of Warsaw

Outline :

How can we move students (and teachers) from consumers of content to creators? Students creating promotes understanding and develops higher level thinking skills. In this workshop, you will learn hands-on strategies and apps that can be used for any grade level and any subject. A breakout into elementary and upper school focus will be featured.


Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast - The Power of EdTech!

Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast - The Power of EdTech!

Craig Kemp

Ignite EdTech & EduSpark

Outline :

We live in a world of constant change. As the world changes, grows and adapts we face many challenges both inside and outside our educational institutions. Many of which link to the use of technology and how it adds value to our everyday lives. In a world of constant change, enhanced by technology how can we enable learners to be the best version of themselves? In this session, Craig will share stories about the current landscape of global education and the need to support learning in the Digital Age. Craig will explore how to change mindsets and empower learning through the effective and purposeful integration of technology, using case studies from his experience. In a world of constant change, the ability for educators to connect and be strategic to make change through the use of technology will ultimately empower the learning journey at our schools. Come along and be prepared to engage, learn, challenge your way of thinking and take away some ideas to transform practice in your school.


Craig Kemp :

Craig is a passionate educator with 15+ years of experience teaching, leading and now consulting in public and private schools as well as with EdTech Companies all over the world. Craig is a global speaker, workshop host and consultant (www.igniteedtech.com) – he is a digital learning transformation leader whose work is highly sought over by schools, institutions and EdTech companies wanting to scale and grow. Craig currently works with multiple EdTech companies, helping them build, grow, scale and sustain their development in APAC. 

Craig is the Co-Founder of EduSpark – a NEW, revolutionary Education Professional Learning Platform. 


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